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ERA Auto Poster and Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

ERA Auto Poster for The Medical Manager®

Accelerate Insurance Payment Posting

Want your billers to spend less time posting payments and more time collecting balances due? They can. In a fraction of the time it would take to manually post checks, the ERA Auto Poster applies a batch of government and commercial payments into The Medical Manager® software. And the great news is that this solution requires no expensive serialization fees.

Expedite the Patient Billing Process

Moments after a new ERA is analyzed by the system, patient accounts reflect approved amounts, deductibles, coinsurance portions, payments, rejections, and contractual allowances. Exceptions are presented to the medical biller for handling. This expedites the patient billing process and ultimately reduces accounts receivables aging.

Streamline Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Make RCM more efficient by reducing paperwork and manual payment processing in your practice. Speed up secondary billing and allow billers to work smarter.

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Reduce Patient No-Show Rates by up to 70%

If your practice is not taking advantage of modern-day technologies to remind patients about their appointments, it’s time to start. Using email, text and phone, PhoneTree® is an automated appointment reminder system that will

  • reduce patient no-show rates by up to 70%
  • drive additional revenue to the practice
  • improve patient communications and satisfaction
  • affect positive patient outcomes

The benefits of Appointment Reminders:

  • Reduces no-shows up to 70%
  • Enhances patient compliance
  • Available 24/7 from any PC with internet access
  • Increases office efficiencies
  • Supports meaningful use requirements

Product Features

Message delivery through

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
Today texting is essential for communication with busy patients. Why? Because it produces results.


HIPAA has introduced many changes in policy and procedures regarding the handling of patients’ private health information. Learn more about HIPAA compliant patient messaging.

How It Works

PhoneTree uses data fields currently stored in your appointment scheduling software to create customized messages for each patient:

“Hi, this is the Doctor's office calling to confirm your appointment on Day at Time. If you need to reschedule, please call our office during regular business hours at phone number. We look forward to seeing you on Day at Time. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Three Step Process

  • 1
  • Appointment file is uploaded to a secure server
  • 2
  • Reminder calls are placed to each of your patients
  • 3
  • Reports are posted to a secure server for download
What is ERA?
An Electronic Remittance Advice contains information your practice would typically receive on a paper explanation of benefits (EOB). It is an industry-standard file and often referred to as an ‘ANSI 835.’ You can enroll to receive ERA from government and commercial insurance companies. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield in nearly every state and every major commercial insurance company.

ERA Auto Poster Sales Sheet

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Getting Started

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