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Hosted Server Solution and Electronic Data Vaulting

Offsite Server Performance & Security

Hosted Server Solution for The Medical Manager®

What is a Hosted Server Solution?

As an alternative to purchasing, housing and maintaining a server at your medical practice, you can now utilize a dedicated server from us. The server will be configured to meet your system computing needs, however, it will reside in our data center and be accessed by your users securely over the Internet.

Why use a Hosted Server Solution?

One of the main reasons to choose hosting is to avoid a large expense when it’s time to replace your server. Hosting allows you to spread the up-front cost of the server out over time through a fixed monthly fee. Another benefit is that both server administration and security becomes our responsibility. We become your offsite IT team, ensuring the proper care and taking of the hardware and taking on the responsibility of data backup and disaster recovery.

Electronic Data Vaulting for Medical Practices

Secure and Restore Patient Data in the Event of a Disaster

As an office manager, you are likely running a daily system backup to tapes. While that is a good routine that has worked for years, it doesn’t make it the quickest or most secure practice for restoring critical patient information in today’s environment.

As new data storage and restoration technologies become more readily available, many practices are employing a strategy to further secure data electronically and offsite. This can result in a faster and more comprehensive restoration of patient data in the event of a disaster. The process entails a tapeless, electronic backup where data is compressed, encrypted and sent directly to a secure data recovery center.

Why Use Electronic Data Vaulting at Your Practice?

The benefits of electronic data vaulting versus tape backup are many:

  • Ease and speed of recovery. Your data is stored on the disk-based local data backup device as well as in our secure, off-site data center.
  • Speed of transmission. With the increasing volumes of patient data, electronic data vaulting is faster and more reliable than tape as only block-level changes are stored after the initial full backup is done.
  • Security. Encryption technology is used that can safely move data without using a lot of network bandwidth. Data is readily available and can be restored on-demand.
  • Cost effective. Our electronic data vaulting system replaces the hardware, software and tapes associated with your current tape backup system. It also compresses data at approximately a 50% rate, reducing your overall storage costs.

Server Hosting Benefits
  • Reduced costs and a clear ROI with a fixed monthly fee
  • Peace of mind with 24x7 proactive monitoring, 365 days per year
  • Single point of contact for any server related issues
  • Round-the-clock access to highly skilled technicians
  • Reduced technical infrastructure and burden in your office for system maintenance and backups
  • Anytime, anywhere Internet access to your Medical Manager system

Hosted Server Solution

Electronic Data Vaulting

Getting Started

Interested in hosting? Talk to one of our technicians to learn just how easy it is to migrate to a hosted server solution. Need Electronic Data Vaulting? We can review your technical specifications and discuss fees, which are based on the volume of data to be backed up. We would also welcome the opportunity to review with you our extended Disaster Recovery services. Call us at 800.781.1044 or

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